Friday, 11 April 2014 - Review of items sent Jilbab and Hijab

I have done a review video for this modest clothing online store previously, here is a direct link that video:

This time I received a jilbab, as shown below, and a hijab to review for them. 

I was sooooo happy and excited when I received these items! The jilbab was the perfect outfit to take on holiday with me (to Egypt) as it was made from a breathable fabric but wasn't sheer or see through. The cut was really sophisticated and it had just the right amount of detailing on it. The perfect jilbab to wear for going out in. The colour is navy blue, a different from my norm which is always black!...and it has teal lace and button detail on the front and sleeves. The design was more vintage and just looked great on.  I have a video coming up where I show you how it looks with me wearing it. I will link the video here once its live. 

One thing I can honestly say I LOVE about Black Orchids is that they have a good fit to their clothing. They have different sizes and lengths which you choose from when buying.  It looks so much better when the clothes actually fit you the way it should! Not "one size for all" as lets face it... we aren't all one size! 

Here is an example of their sizing guide for this particular jilbab:

Their customer service is fantastic with really friendly staff that are quick to communicate back with you. They have a Facebook page as well, which is always active:

The hijab was a pretty summery scarf which was lightweight material with a crinkly effect going through it. It had threadwork of floral pattens and had tassels on one end.  I had worn this hijab with three different outfits (including  this jilbab) and it looked great with all of them. Definitely a perfect "go-to" hijab for the summer! This hijab isn't listed on Black Orchids website as yet but will be very soon. 

Again, I have shown me wearing this hijab with the jilbab in the review video coming up. Once its' live on my channel I will link it here on my blog for you all to view. :)

All in all I have to say so far my experience on dealing with Black Orchids has been great. I honestly think they have a really good selection of unique pieces and hijabs. They also have a lot of handmade jewellery. They design all their own clothes in house and all their items have their logo on it. This to me shows uniqueness, and confidence in quality. Something I am always looking out for in clothing. 

Definitely one of my favourite online stores for modest clothing and accessories. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to lose baby weight: What I did.

How to lose your baby weight after having a child. Things I did that helped me lose weight.

Here is my youtube video on how I lost weight:

Now needless to say I am no expert and this is certainly not the most healthiest or correct way of losing weight. I'm just sharing with you things I did that helped me lose the weight. It may or may not work for you. Things I tried may be things you haven't tried before. I don't know, its just an experience that i want to share with you in the hope it could be an inspiration to you all. Please don't' take it too seriously. 

1. Drink Water

I drank more than 2.5 litres of water every single day. It was July and it was HOT and the water helped me stay hydrated, energised and most importantly for me- FULL. I especially drank loads before and after a meal to keep my belly feeling full. 

2. Breast Feeding

Everyone knows that breast feeding is a good start for your baby. Its also a good start for you.. to lose weight. Research shows you can lose up to 500 calories a day by breastfeeding. Something that is effortless and if done correctly, requires no exercise at all! Brilliant! I kept it up for 40 days!

3. Small lunch- fish and chicken (or any meat) protein. 

I had a portion of white fish seasoned in only salt and pepper with salad which had no dressing whatsoever. 

That was my lunch for every other day. The days I didn't have fish i would have a small portion of grilled chicken or lamb. 

(evening meals were grand  however because I needed the energy to keep me going through the night until the early hours of the morning!)

4. Lemon and Water Drink

I used to drink a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it one hour before breakfast. This kickstarts your metabolism for the day aiding youth start losing calories straight away. It also neutralises the acids in your belly, helps you feeling energised and has many other benefits which I have listed a video for in the description box of the above video. 

5. exercise!!

yes the dreaded exercise but even I did it!

very easy steps and exercise. I followed this fantastic lady on youtube and did a short video of quick exercises that were easy but effective. The first part of her video is for experts. I skipped it for a 2 minutes to get to the beginner part. Helped me get back into shaped and tone up. 

do it through out the day. It only takes up 10 minutes of your time. 

the link to that video is also in the description box of my weightless video (link above).

Hope that all helps. Those are the things i did to shift my baby weight and I shifted 4 stones!!! 3.5 stones in a month and half and the other half a stone gradually from then until now. 

take care and I shall see you all in my next blog! Share your tips and tricks and advice below if you think it will be of benefit to others. 

xxxx fatiha. xxxx

How to style your Saif Modesty Scarf: Turkish Style Scarves

Here is the link to the youtube video I made showing you how to style your Saif Modesty Scarves. Three easy and formal hijab tutorials suitable for work, school or everyday wear:

First Style- Turkish style hijab with tied ends.

Second Style- neat drape with triangle shape at the back.

third style- volume and layered yet elegant style showing bonnet/underscarf

The scarves I have used for the video can be found and purchased at

You can also get an additional 20% off your purchases at checkout by quoting the following discount code: FATIHASWORLD

Saif Modesty specialise in different styled/coloured/textured hijabs. They also sell abayas from both men and women and children. They have a new section on there recently on halal sweets too. So be sure to checkout their website and make use of the discount code! 

I will be reviewing more hijabs/abayas/accessories from them in the future. I will make videos and try to do blogs as well. In the meantime please make your one-stop shop for all your modest wear needs. (The discount doesn't have a valid until date so be sure to use it yourself and pass onto family and friends).

When browsing their site, if you see anything in particular you would like me to review or show how to do different styles/lookbooks on then be sure to comment below and I can get in touch with Saif Modesty and ask them to make it happen. x Anything for my subbies. xx

See you in my next blog!

Take care. 

Fatiha. xxxx
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