Saturday, 30 August 2014



Hope you are well! Here's how I've been....

On 19th August I had my third child, another boy!!!! So that's three boys! I know right,???!! Its going to be hectic managing three boys (4 including the hubby!).   But it will also be fun as I love boys and my boys are my world and I love them to bits (typical mother talk right there!)

Because this is my third c-section I am taking it easy and resting loads. I have moved to my mums temporarily to get some help from her as my 2nd child is only 13 months old and needs constant attention and picking up. So mummy-dearest is looking after me and my children so I recover quickly.

All praise due to God, I am recovering very well and quick! I have EVEN managed to film some videos for my youtube!!! (OMG! LOL!) (I need that dance emoticon right now!)


I think from next week I am going to start my weightloss diet. If you want to know how I lost all the baby weight after having my 2nd child, click the following link and it will take you to my video:

I will be following all the steps as I did for that video. 


So yes just in case you were wondering where I have been (or you probably hadn't noticed because I was still posting vids and pics on instagram!) I had a child and am on a little break.... of about a week lol! Then its back to work on my vids, and other social media sites. 


I also have exciting news to share with you all (yes more exciting updates!) but if God wills it, all in good time. Hopefully in the next month or so I will have more news to share with you and you shall be seeing me on a different channel other than my own! (that was a BIIIGGGG hint about the news! lol!)

So defo watch this space my lovely peeps!

Take care for now and I shall catch you in my next blog!!!!

Fatiha xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

SEDONA LACE 168 Eyeshadow Palette Review 2nd Edition

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As if the 1st Edition wasn't great enough…. 

Sedona Lace now sell the 2nd Edition.  It has even more 

YOUNG, FRESH, EXCITING and BOLD colours to choose 


It has 2 layers for portable and convenient use. 

These shadows  are long lasting and extremely vibrant. 

The soft powder makes it easy to use wet or dry.

Get a free "Stick it to em" eyeshadow primer with purchase over $50.

Get your professional eyeshadow palette now and have all the colours you can think of in one palette. My youtube subbies will definitely be seeing a lot of this palette in my future makeup tutorials. I love it!!!!!  

Fatiha xxxx

Friday, 27 June 2014

I Heart Ramadan Tag | by fatihasWORLD

Please check out my video which I did on this tag:

I tag all my sisters who are taking part in Ramadan :)

Here are the questions:-

1. When do you start getting excited about Ramadan?

2. What is your favourite Ramadan Memory?

3. Does your daily have any Ramadan traditions?

4. What is your favourite Ramadan food?

5. When you're fasting in the day you do think about food?

6. Besides water and dates what do you break your fast with?

7. What do you eat for Suhoor?

8. What is your least favourite thing about Ramadan. 

9. One thing that makes your happiest at Ramadan?

10. One tip that you can give to people that are fasting. 

Cant wait to watch your videos!!! :) 

Fatiha xxx

Comment below once you have posted your video so I can go and check them out. xxxxx

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